Spiced Whiskey

The Spiced Whiskey is here!  After a 3 week maceration process in our blending tanks, the first batch of this "Sippin" Whiskey is for sale. We bottle this whiskey at 100 proof, it's original strength. You will see some sediment in each bottle, as this whiskey undergoes only a light filtration. Do not be scared of this sediment.  This is actually evidence that the product is completely natural, and contains no artificial flavoring.  This sediment does not come from the barrel, but instead a variety of spices and essential oils that help to create the natural flavor, as well as the "louche" process that occurs by adding a bit of ice or cold water.  

Enjoy the Spiced neat or on the rocks. If you feel the need to back off the bottling strength just add a bit of chilled water and enjoy watching the louche occur.

 Try just a little hot water and a lemon for an instant Hot Toddy or with unsweetened black tea/ lemonade and ice for "Spiced Tea".  If you are slightly more daring, it works perfect in a Sazerac minus the simple syrup or sugar that would normally be added...As alway, Please Enjoy Responsibly!